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Our Services

What's FREE?:  Are you thinking about becoming a new client?  We offer a free, complimentary initial review of your two previous years filed income tax returns.   Kaminski & Co CPA

Personal/Business Tax Preparation:  With the dynamic and detailed tax code constantly changing, we can help take the worry on whether you are properly completing those complex tax forms, maintaining adequate records and potentially triggering a "red flag" on your return.  From individual, to partnership, to corporate and even an estate return, we can help take the worry out of that time of year everyone dreads.   Kaminski & Co CPA

Trusted Business and Personal Adviser:  We serve as trusted professional adviser to hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals.  We strive to offer unbiased opinions, review and analysis on a vast array of topics. Kaminski & Co CPA
Estate and Succession Planning:  In providing our estate planning services, we strive to assist far beyond straightforward financial analyses.  Our engagements focus on a special sensitivity to the dynamics of your entire life, family, finances, busines
s, lifestyle, and goals.  We feel the greatest strength is to work with you to identify and clarify your goals, explain projected tax and other consequences, and recommend alternative strategies.  Kaminski & Co CPA

Financial Review Services:  Assist you in the investigation, analysis, interpretation, summarization and presentation of complex financial and business related issues in a manner which is both understandable and properly supported.  Kaminski & Co CPA

IRS, State Tax, Local and Insurance Audit Representation:  If you receive the dreaded letter from a ta
xing authority, we can help and assist you in getting the matter quickly resolved.  We understand the stress involved with dealing with these agencies, do not lose sleep!  Let us review the situation, identify a solution and handle the matter directly with agency!   Kaminski & Co CPA
Designing a manual accounting system or implementation of technology based system:  We offer the most state of the art accounting services.  We will install and assist you in maintaining your own accounting system.  The best part about the service is that you use a system that is comfortable and best fits your needs.  We can design and help train you in a system that best meets your professional needs.  Kaminski & Co CPA

New Business Start-Up Services:  Thinking about starting a business?  We can work with you in the establishment of your company.  We can assist you in working through the maze of what type of entity will best fit your goals and needs.  Also, we can file to necessary paperwork to get a business established.  We can assist in personally tailoring an internal record keeping system that will meet your business & financial needs.  Kaminski & Co CPA

Intuit Quickbooks/Quicken Professional Advisor:  We are a licensed Intuit Professional Advisor.  With the growing popularity of these programs, we are capable in assisting you in using them to their utmost capability.  Kaminski & Co CPA

Strategic Business Planning & Consulting:  Regardless of business type and size, our education, experience and training can assist you in making your business better.   Kaminski & Co CPA
Kaminski Rapid Return E-Filing Service:  Whether you prepare your own return or if we prepare it, we insure your return is sent confidentially and correctly to the IRS or your state.  It is frightening where people are transmitting their confidential, private information.  Let us send it for you, confidentially and quickly!   Kaminski & Co CPA

Cash Flow & Profit Improvement:  Lets face it, the key to any ultimate business success or failure relies upon cash flow.  If you having problems, let us analyze your situation, provide you an analysis and develop a strategy that makes your cash flow work for you.   Kaminski & Co CPA
Customized Payroll Services:  Tired of the countless hours of preparing, complying and worrying about your companies payroll?  We can provide a level of service that meets any business need from preparation of the checks to insuring your company is complying with the legislative requirements.  Whether you want to handle internally or have us handle, we can develop a solution that best fits your needs.   Kaminski & Co CPA

Financial Statement Preparation:  Financial statement presentation and analysis are critical element of any business.  It is any businesses present situation and a scorecard.  We provide a full range of attest services that include compilations, reviews and audits.  If you have a need to provide financial information to third parties, we can help to make sure these documents meet professional, recognized standards.

Management Financial Reporting:  Too often we see companies that get so involved in the details of there financial reporting that they lose track of the ultimate purpose of the information.  The purpose of any well designed accounting system is to provide timely, relevant and accurate information that not only provides information to meet reporting requirements, but provides information to make your company grow and succeed.  Don't get mired in the details, let us help design a system that works for you!   Kaminski & Co CPA

Retirement/Financial Planning Considerations:  Whether your an individual concerned about your own retirement or a company desiring to provide a benefit package that keeps your talented employees, we can help put our experience and training to insure you and your employees are adequately preparing for that important, often overlooked, time of life!  In addition because we are independent and do not sell investment products, we can help evaluate whether or not your financial planner is giving you sound, objective advice.

Individual/Business Tax Issues Research:  One of the largest mistakes taxpayers make is not incorrect completion of a tax return, but to adequately prepare and research events or actions before it is too late.  We can help you avoid those tax pitfalls by helping you adequately plan for events before it is too late.   Kaminski & Co CPA
Predictors of the Future:  We are good, but not that good!