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How Much Do You Charge?

We strongly believe that the start to any long-term financial relationship should begin with a handshake first.  Kaminski & Co CPA
For new/perspective clients asking this via email or over the telephone, we are generally very blunt is answering this question..."Unfortunately, we have no idea".   There are no two projects, clients or needs that are alike.  The same is true of people, companies or organizations offering these financial services.  In addition, your budget is critical to the process.   Kaminski & Co CPA

We are proud of our firm personnel's experience, education and skills in providing the highest quality financial services to our clients.  After a complimentary review your financial situation, we welcome you to set up a no obligation, no risk and NO FEE appointment to meet.  We have been providing these services for well over 25 years.  We have been recognized for our exceptional tax services.  In addition, we continually undergo and pass the rigorous Ameri
can Institute of Certified Public Accountant's Peer Review Program.  Kaminski & Co CPA

We take all of these factors and tie it to exceptional customer service.  Each of us strive to work with clients who want and demand a dynamic professional relationship.  As in life. the key to that success is based on...Kaminski & Co CPA

  • effective communication
  • collective trust
  • stated expectations & goals
  • mutual respect & cooperation
  • professional & bilateral commitment

We base our fees on a number of factors including the type of services required, client organization, level of knowledge, expertise and experience required, the time needed and the overall complexity of the work.  Kaminski CPA
Then, our fees are based on the following...  Kaminski & Co CPA

  • Hourly based fees:  For much of our work we are compensated based on the numbers of hours it takes to complete the work.  These can range from admin level at $20/hr to tax research at $250/hr.  Without reviewing your information, we can't give you an estimate of time whether it be on a hourly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Kaminski CPA  
  • Task based pricing:  Our tax preparation service is priced (generally starting at $149.50) based on the number and types of required forms and schedules.  Pricing is often based on the complexity of the related tax law, tax research and education required to remain current on the voluminous, constantly changing federal and state tax laws.  Plus, we will often discount certain returns for limited activity, senior citizen, volume of work, children's taxes (with parent prep) and related variables. Kaminski CPA
  • Fixed fee services:  For some longer term projects or commitments such as monthly write-up we charge a fixed fee.  We can tailor a plan to meet your annual budget!  Kaminski CPA
Since different types of services command different rates because of the time, expertise, experience and goals, we prefer to develop a plan together so the level of service, expectations and the price of the service make sense for you.  Also when your tax return, objective or project is finished, our services do not end.  We will answer any of your questions by phone or email and in most instances, at no additional cost.  We are available year-round to assist your needs.  Kaminski & Co CPA

Lastly if you have taken the time and read to this point, you are probably someone we would welcome meeting in person, shake your hand, take some time to review your information/needs and then discuss joining our client family (since we feel meeting one another is EXTREMELY important).  And yes, we will be happy to discuss how much and how we charge!  Kaminski & Co CPA